Communications dynamics Part 3

Communication Dynamics :
“Me” in Communication – Our thoughts and thinking


This week, we continue to look at “Me” in Communication. 

  1. Our relational capacities
  2. Our thoughts and thinking
  3. Our feelings
  4. The way our body may feel/ speak


Last week, we learnt that when we communicate from the best of ourselves, using our relational capacities, it can help us foster wonderful connection through the way we communicate. This week we look at how our thoughts and thinking influence our way of communicating and its outcomes. 

Our thoughts and our thinking capacity is another area in us that can influence our communication with others. Our thoughts about the situation, our perception of the person that we communicating with, our understanding about what is happening in the situation, the who and their background, can help us plan our choices of words and phrases to be used in the intended message that conveys our thoughts on the situation. We communicate in an efficient, coherent and in an effective manner.


Likewise, if we perceive or think of situations or circumstances in an unfavorable or negative way, then our thoughts can also influence the choice of words, bias view or presentation of the message during the communication. This way of communicating can be more damaging to the to the party concerned and the relationship. 


Invitation to Reflect on your way of communicating

What am I thinking, what is my understanding and perception of the situation, or message that I have received? My choices of words, is reflecting what I believe in me, is it kind, is it the truth? Can I craft positive messages that in line with who I am, for my love for the other and my community.

That’s all for this week. Join us again for the next week write up on how our feelings can influence our way of communicating and outcomes. If you have any or questions or needing any help on communication and relational difficulties, do get in touch with me, via Contact Us. Would be happy to assist. 


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