Managing Difficult Communications

Managing Difficult Communications   When we started the Constructive Use of Communication, we shared on how we can use our social media to our great advantage. We can foster and build relationships through distance and time, especially with our loved ones especially during pandemic. Likewise, with the pandemic restriction and lockdown, our increased face to …

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Communication Dynamics : “Situation and Context of the Communication”

Communication Dynamics : Situation and Context of the communication   So last week, we covered about “Our Messages” the way we communicate, can influence the outcome and the process of communication. This week look at the “Situation or Context” of our communication that can influence the communication that we have.  The “situation or context” of …

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A year in Review : PRH Malaysia

PRH Malaysia : A Year in Review Welcome to annie@prhmalaysia year end review. It has been a tremendous journey, yet the journey is still at its initial stages for PRH Malaysia. Our mission is to promote and and seed for personal growth in all Malaysia. To awaken our inner fire, qualities and giftedness. Journey towards …

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