Authentic Encounters

(6 hours workshop)

Authentic Encounters

3 hours

Objectives of the workshop

Helps one :

🔹 be their authentic self when encountering and meeting someone.

🔹 draw strength from within in the face of a difficult encounter

🔹 discover more concretely ones’ positive qualities within themselves and learn to draw strength from within.

what they say!

PRH conducted by Annie Ling today is helping me to identify my inner feelings, thoughts and exploring my qualities as a Being

By discovering this in myself helps to see more clearly on myt potential and realized them for putting them out to help others.

Jennifer Wu, entreprenuer

Annie is a great facilitator, intuitive to the growth stage of each participant. She has the keen ability to draw out participants relational strengths. I found the program relevant and well structured.

Anonymous, KL

It was great, I learned a lot. The folks were lovely and jovial. I felt comfortable !!! Very insightful indeed!!


Aaron Wu, KL

A beautiful opportunity of getting to know self, of deepening appreciation of myself.

Eugene Benedict, KL

I was able to dig deeper and analyse my own self, able to see the difference when encountering someone using my thoughts instead of focusing on my being.

Anonymous, KL

Good! I found it really helpful in guiding me dealing with difficult conversation and knowing my thoughts and feelings. Although some parts feels a bit personal, I feel comfortable to share with the group.


Anonymous, KL

I understand the thought process and feelings that I go through with each encounter

Now I am aware of the core of my being.

Sylvia Martin, entreprenuer

The Authentic Encounters is an excellent and good quality workshop, and managed to encompass qualities within and improvement on self levels of discovery.

Baskaran Krishna, entreprenuer

I learn more about my inner self and take time to think how I can connect with people around me. I am glad I can attend this session, to have time to reflect and appreciate people around me.


Sharon Lee, entreprenuer

I appreciate the session today. Your passion for PRH and wanting people to better versions of themselves by understanding their BEING clearly shows through. The testimonies of the adults and young adults who attended today showed how it has helped them get in touch with their feelings and clarified their inner goodness. Well done and may God continue to bless you in this important mission to help others be fully alive.
Chris Chew, PJI

Chris Chew, PJ

It was a really good interaction and participation session where everyone was free to share their thoughts and let their guard down. Very beneficial and productive encounter between each and every individual 👍🏻

Agvina, Puchong

Enjoyed the session & time together. Some of your sharing inspire & affirm my being. I like the session. Even though the ambience put us at ease & in a relax mood, the simple questions & flow of activities effectively work in us & can be quite intense if you allow yourself to open up to “Authentic Encounters”.


Pei Shen, Puchong

👍 I had a good time in your prh  session today. an eye opener to know and explore the being of myself that  defines my purpose and identity for a meaningful encounter in relating to others.  😌

Jonathan Rao, PJ

This first PRH session was a good stepping stone into understandings how the these sessions work and it was conducted very well. The interactive role play everyone had to play really does add to the learning experience of the session.

Daniel Augustus, PJ

Thank you Miss Annie so much for the session! I now feel the gist of knowing how to be myself.


Allisha, KL

“With a sincere heart, I would like to say thank you for spending your valuable time with us. The discussions we had gave me comfort, hope, and courage to move on with life no matter the circumstance. Once again, thank you for your words of wisdom and helping me navigate towards a successful life”🙏🏻…

Nancy Wilson, Puchong

It has been a Blessed morning to have encounter each person in the group. The sessions were interesting and a reminder to live Life to the full… that is – the four dimensions of one’s being. Thank you Annie for animating the Workshop and sharing “prh” with us. Highly commendable to all WHO desire to grow and live from the core of one’s being. God’s blessings to each one in all your undertakings


Mercie Lai, Puchong

It was a very good session to find out our “being” in our encounters. Slowly work on Moving away from our negativity…


Thila, Puchong