Self Discovery & Life skills

 Life Skills workshops 

Various themes & topics

Small group ( 8 – 15 pax) on site / session

6 – 8 pax / Online session

Focused and Interactive

For 2023, all workshops that are 6 hours and above, offers an additional free 30mins of 1 to 1 coaching/helping sessions to its participants. 

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*** NEW ***

2023 PRH Malaysia workshop schedule

** updated 9 August 2023


Workshop Schedule are subject to change and updates without prior notice. Venue of the workshops are online / onsite, dependent on pandemic updates and SOP changes.


All workshops will be confirmed with a minimum 6 pax confirmed participants.


For onsite, a pre testing (RTK) will be required before attending a stay-in, or 4 days workshops.

*pre requisite required for this workshop. Contact Workshop facilitator for more information.


For more info on fees and workshops registration details visit website / Registration Page. Fees are according to ones income capacity. Anyone needing financial assistance, please contact workshop facilitator.

Contact Annie via Whatsapp : 011 – 1218 9331

PRH Workshops and details

PRH Full Workshop (4 – 4.5 days)

Click on the Workshop title for more info. 


  1. WHO AM I ?  (Foundation Workshop)
  2. Exploring My Inner World (pre-requisite, Who Am I)
  3. Living With More Inner Balance (pre -requisite Who Am I)
  4. Clarifying My Relationships (pre-requisite Who Am I)
  5. Learning to Receive Help (pre-requisite  Who Am I)

3 hours Mini Workshops

  1. Authentic Encounters
  2. Less Stress, it is Possible!
  3. When I say “No”, I don’t feel Comfortable
  4. Growing in Self Confidence
  5. The Power of Vulnerability
  6. A Gesture of Love
  7. Friendship is Contagious
  8. One doesn’t ask for help, does one?
  9. Challenges and Opportunities in the Coronavirus crisis
  10. Living Together during MCO Confinement (24/7)



6 hours Workshops ( or 2 sessions of 3 hours)

  1. Language of the Heart
  2. Decision Making In My Everyday Life
  3. Asserting Myself Respectfully
  4. Challenging Myself to Live More Fully
  5. When Listening becomes a Help
  6. Working Together
  7. Myself, Relating with my Partner


9 hours Workshops ( or 3 sessions of 3 hours)


  1. The Power of Feelings
  2. Being Creative and Active with a Personal Growth Workbook
  3. Retired, and still so much to Live and to Give
  4. Being Me is Enough

GRAC - Growth Accompaniment Group series ( 18 hours )

  1. Growth in Communication, leads to Growth in Relationships ( 6 sessions X 3 hours ) 

 (pre requisite 2 short modules or Who Am I workshop)

  1. My Communication and Its History
  2. Communication Interaction between people
  3. My heart speaks through communications
  4. Disrupting Elements in Communications
  5. Keys to Better Communications
  6. Communication: a way of ‘being” in my relationships
  1. Further Discovery of My Identity ( 6 sessions X 3 hours)

(pre requisite Who Am I workshop)

  1. Deepening My Being Through Photo-Language
  2. Aspirations of My Being
  3. Living My Inner Strengths
  4. People or Situations that have changed me for the better
  5. Actions that Brings Fulfilment
  6. An Experience of Creative Expression and Final Inventory

we would like to hear from you!

These are readily available workshops in Malaysia. If you have seen a workshop that you would like to attend, please do drop me a note. I would consider running for 2023. I would appreciate it so much. Thank you!