1 to 1 Helping Relationship (HR)

PRH Helping Relationship is a 1 to 1 coaching accompaniment, using PRH growth methodology. We help our clients to understand and have clarity of their difficulties, help them to discover and live their inner strength and beauty. 

During a Helping Relationship session


You will be accompanied to

  • Understand yourself and your relational life
  • Clarify your aspiration
  • Find strength in your difficulties
  • Find meaning in your life
  • Grow into who you are
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You are invited to share

Your feelings in your difficulties, obstacles face in your life, events and situations

You will be accompanied to understand and clarify your feelings in those difficult situations and explore trails to help you seek the answers for those situations.


Benefits of 1 to 1 Helping Relationship

Depending on the theme, you will be accompanied to

  • Learn to manage better your feelings, difficulties, tension and relational conflicts
  • Discover more your identity
  • To function better in your different capacities in life
  • Build resilience in the face of difficulties
  • Learn to make good decision
  • Find your purpose and meaning in life
  • Live life authentically
  • Embark on a growth plan (optional)

Make an appointment today

Register here for your appointment. Kindly fill in your details.
Each session is about an hour. For the first session is about an hour and a half.
Thank you for investing in your growth. Scheduling of your appointment will be made via Whatsapp text or email with your Growth Accompanist. Confirmation of your appointment is upon the receipt of fee payment. For more info @ WhatsApp 011-1218 9331.

Helping Relationship FEES

Coaching using PRH Methodology

PRH upholds the solidarity principle by recommending a fee scale for the payment of PRH activities. The fee scale is designed so that each participant pays fairly according to their financial capacity. This allows less fortunate individuals to participate within their means while more financially capable individuals are able to appreciate and support PRH professionalism accordingly. This encourages further development of a fair and equitable society. 


We respect your capacity to assess your own financial situation. We understand that this may be a challenge for people who are used to bargaining for the lowest fee. PRH encourages us to grow in honesty, trust, and openness. PRH believes that justice, generosity and the aspiration to make a difference in the world is part of who we are in our depth. Giving has been shown to lift our sense of the meaning of our lives. Being fair allows us to live authentically in line with our deep conscience.

You are invited to pay according to the solidarity table. The first column is a reference based on your monthly income and the other columns are as accordance to the duration of the workshops selected. 

Wanting to clarify further, 

contact @ +6011 – 1218 9331 PRH Educator and Growth Accompanist Annie Ling

*Above fees has updated May 2022, valid till end 2023. 

To confirm your appointment, please make payment via transfer to the following account:


RHB 212125 000 72159


Oversea Appointment

If you are transferring from overseas:

via PAYPAL: annieling67@gmail.com (add 5% for administrative fees and 30% for currency exchange**  

(subject to countries with higher/lower currency exchange rate than Malaysia). Contact +6011 – 12189331 for more info.  

Please send proof of payment to email : enquiry@annieprhmalaysia.com or +6011 – 1218 9331 (WhatsApp)

We will notify you once we have received your payment. 

If you need financial assistance, kindly contact via whatsapp to your Growth Accompanist.

For further information, contact : https://annieprhmalaysia.org/

what they say!


Very rarely do we acknowledge the role of people who shape us and mould us and to find ourselves in that process.last year I join PRH. One to one session with Annie. Almost going to be a year. Today as I standing holding my head held high, I cannot help but bow down to my counsellor who has made me what I am. I would like to sincerely thank you for all the effort and patience you have shown in transforming me from an (aimless young lady) into a responsible and focused person. I shall always remain greatful for all the thing I have learnt from you, you taught about life in general. May God Bless you… Nancy, KL