Less Stress, it is Possible!

3 hours workshop

Less Stress, it's Possible!

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Objectives of the workshop


The participants reflect on the stress they face in daily life. In front of the questions: how to react on it, how to face it, how to live it in a better way, we bring them in  contact with the different aspects of their own personal reality and specially with some aspects of their being to live it in a better way.

Reflect on stress faced in our daily life

  • How to react to it, face it
  • Important keys in us that helps us to face our stress
  • Find within us the capacity to live more peace and harmony


what they say!

The Less Stress in Your Life is a fruitful session which invite you to explore inner self of you and identify the stresses. Throughout the session we were made to understand the effect of stress and how we can reduce through our own action. A good session that benefit for all especially during current pandemic situation. This workshop blows my mind. It helps me to be aware of my strength and sensibility.

Arun Anthony, Seremban,

I find the Less stress is possible session is of help to me, it had helped me to strengthen myself and gave me a better clarity in seeing myself from a different perspective. Special thanks to Annie Ling for guiding me in search of myself. The material that was presented by PRH although are simple but well structured to bring out a better view for me to climb my next ladder in life. Thank you again. 🙏🌹

Jennifer Wu, KL

I really enjoyed taking the time to process the topic of Stress with PRH growth accompanist Annie Ling. In appreciation of all who shared, topped with Annie’s guidance, and professional interpretation, I came away from a very fruitful session and now I understand the essence of the topic much better. Thank you, Annie and PRH Malaysia!

Caroline, KL


Was good to learn and hear views from members on how they cope with stresses. Found the method about taking the car out for a drive when things are a little heated at home/office/etc quite good. May try it one day. And found out that certain stresses are shared by majority, ie uncertainty about the pandemic, worries about children education.

Anonymous, PJ

This is the 2nd time for me joining a workshop by PRH. My intention is to look into my daily life as a person and to understand the other people around me.

Irene Goh, Puchong
Eco Entrepreneur

I learned new ways to deal with stress. It was a great session. I highly recommend to anyone that has stress.

Anonymous, Penang