PRH International

Personality and Human Relations (known as “PRH” from the French Personnalité et Relations Humaines) is a means for personal development for adults and young adults. 

PRH humanistic approach aims to develop the human person and relationships according to each person’s potentials. PRH was developed in France over 50 years ago and is now present in over 33 countries in the world.

We offer programs that helps individuals and groups to grow in self-awareness and autonomy, so that they can be more able to face the challenges in life, enhance their quality of life, and relate better personally and professionally.

Individuals are facilitated by an internationally licensed facilitator through workshops, personal accompaniment, group accompaniment, and growth programs. The method is experiential – you are invited to experience it directly, and gain tools for self-development.

For more information see: www.prh-international.org33

PRH celebrates its 50th Anniversary in 2020.

 PRH (Personality and Human Relations) was founded by Andre Rochais in France in 1970. It is now available in more than 35 countries around the world. 

An Introduction to PRH

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Our Vision

We believe that all person are indwelt by a growth dynamism that encourages them to actualise themselves and their potential.

Committing with others in constructive activities intensifies a person’s development, their effectiveness, and innovation for society. 

Our Values

Respect for the person and his/her freedom

Effectiveness, through well-adjusted responses to clients needs

Solidarity by using fee scales to make our activities accessible

Professional service and shared passion through on-going research

Our Method

Self-reflection based on your own experience

Written analysis of your experience, by analyzing your inner sensations

Authentic interaction which respects others freedom

Reference to PRH research by means of assignments

A vitalizing relational framework

Our Facilitator

Professionals at your service!

Our educators and facilitators receive continuous training recognized by PRH-International. They are licensed for the formation programs and the accompaniment they offer. 

Our Fees

We use the principle of solidarity depending on your income and the duration of the module. You can ask the fee scale of the training in which you are interested in. 

About Annie Ling

About your facilitator

Annie Ling is the first and the only PRH Educator in Malaysia. 

Annie has attended the compulsory PRH workshops and growth programs for at least 3 years and intensive accompaniment training for 2 years; is endorsed by PRH International. She experiences the PRH growth journey for herself and is a fruit of this growth journey. She is called to this mission to accompany others in their growth journey.


Prior to PRH, Annie graduated from University Science Malaysia (USM) in 1992, in Humanities with Education and has since worked over 25 years in corporate setting in crossfunctional management roles and in various industries. 


For her resume, kindly contact Annie 

 +6011-1218 9331 or