We thank all who generously give your testimonials of how you have benefitted from attending PRH workshops and 1 to 1 helping sessions. The purpose for this page is to share that PRH methodology and workshops can benefit any adults from all walks of life and faith.

Video Testimonials

These persons have journeyed at least 2 or more PRH workshops. They share how PRH helps them in their day to day life and in this unprecedented times like the current pandemic. 

Khai hoong


Vanitha nair


Agvina dicom

lab technician

Angela zing

Social worker

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Edmund R.

Pastoral worker


Social worker

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Workshop Testimonies

1 on 1 Helping Coaching session using PRH method

By WORKSHOPS : What they say


The workshop was deeply transformative. Ms Annie is an educator who is deeply rooted in her mission and creates an open environment for each participant to discover their own journey. The PRH Center is a cozy and comfortable environment as well, making this course a wonderful one. I highly recommend this course as you take it at your own pace.

Sue, KL

This workshop has helped me to understand myself better and to see that there are different realities of my person play a role in either helping me grow or prevent me from growing. This knowledge is very helpful in helping live who I really am. Annie is great in guiding the workshop participants on this journey of self discovery.

Jo, PJ

I understand more about myself throughout this workshop. When I realized that there is more values in me than I thought. From this workshop, I gained more clarity and I enjoy the learning journey. Thanks.

Jenisse, NGO, PJ

I enjoyed my time with PRH (Annie). She is extremely knowledgeable and very patient. She is very comfortable to be around. I feel at ease around her. I’m happy to be around the other students as we are all in the same boat.

Anonymous, KL

4 days workshop passed by in a flash. A detailed program that encourages personal sharing with space, a program well paced. Thank you Annie

Edmund Yeoh, NGO, KL

It was a good exploration into my inner world and to discover the core essence of my being – essentially who I am. This workshop has given me confidence to become the person that I am meant to be. It has also helped me to grow as a person.

Pauline Leong, Academician,  PJ

Very interesting with so much new and systematic learning about the different parts of myself from you Annie, our pleasant and knowledgeable educator and others in the group.

Thank you for so much for the encouragement to continue to know myself through the action plan. If I take this seriously, life will not be boring anymore.

Anonymous, PJ

It is a good experience as it takes you to another dimension from what you expected to feel. It clears myself to see/feel the complex Me in a simple way as I move in my Rhythm of my life. A pause stop to see and savour myself through the help of my formator, gently to see who is this me, me.

Janet Chin, PJ

‘Who am I’ is a good program which enable me to look at the beauty within myself where the world does not recognize or pay little attention. A good program to adventure into personal growth.

Peter K, PJ

Who Am I had given me a systematic way to view myself. I have learned and went through a clearer process of self-reflection and discovery, helping me sort through the cummulated  thoughts in my head. I had learnt the essential tools to do the self reflection on my own.

I love the environment created, which felt safe and conducive for sharing. I am glad I had taken this opportunity to attend this workshop

Renn Kai, Selangor

The workshop “Who Am I” is comprehensive and integrated. It enriches and enhance my understanding of myself in multiple perspectives. Objective, analytical and sensational, the reflection analysis of this session help me see the relations of ‘my being’ to others, circumstances and others factors that will shape my personal achievements and social contributions. Its an opportunity indeed to share with other participants for further growth of myself and the group in general.

Anonymous, KL

The Who Am I? workshop has a distinct approach and a unique methodology. I like how during the workshop I delved deeper in the thought process by answering provocative questions and journalling my reflections. I leave with tools and SMART strategies to work further on areas of improvement that I identified with the help of ‘Who Am I’

Ziad Abou-Rafeh, Selangor

I gained clarity and why I behave destructively in a more structured way. My I could not breakout of the cycle of pain and destruction. It was a safe environment that supported me to grow without being embarrassed or belittled. That it is ok to be misfit / different. Choose the path and make decision inline with my deep self. I am more brave to change, to be a better person, albeit in a more playful and relaxed way.

Anonymous, KL

Being a fresh graduate who is not clear of Who am I in person, not sure or clear about my inner self. But after joining this workshop, I am able to know Who I am from “being” and “I”. Thanks to Anne who have guided me through this workshop as I am able to know more about myself and to use what I have learnt from this workshop in my daily life.

Joyce Yeo, Selangor

The workshop has enabled me to know Who I Am. The process was a gentle experiential one, which enabled me to understand the various elements crucial in the creation of my personality.

Anonymous, Selangor

PRH Who Am I, is a good training for self discovery of one self. I have learn a huge and vast details of myself in this “Who Am I” and will continue to support this tool for development of myself. I encourage for everyone to adopt PRH Who Am I for self discovery.

Bashker, Selangor

I enjoyed myself. It was journey into self. We dived into the sea of self and we learn new tools to manage different areas of our live. Thank you to PRH and to the facilitator.

Anonymous, KL

One word that can describe accurately about the workshop is “awesome”.
I believe everybody managed to learn something crucial and beneficial about knowing our inner selves and can bring home learning points that will help us to maneuver ourselves during the challenging times.   

Hamid Karim, Trainer

It was a privilege to me to joined in this kind of session. I didn’t expect that I will encounter my self in deep mode during session. I am also really satisfied knowing my self more than I know when it comes to my Qualities and Characteristics. The speaker was really accommodating, fashionable, a good listener and speaker to us. PRH is a highly recommended for those people looking for themselves and for meditation too.

Anonymous, NGO, Philippines

It was an intense journey for me mentally and psychologically because I allowed myself to be vulnerable and rediscovering myself not on the intellectual level but deeper. The being of a human person is complex, I would say, but through this workshop, I was able to deal with what is happening inside of me and understand how it affects others. This workshop helped me to go through these.

Cornelsteve, friar

Annie has been very helpful, patient, inspiring and passionate in assisting us to grow. The workshop has allowed me to connect and gain clarity about myself. I strongly believe knowing about who am I is the most important lesson and also a guide for us to sail through our journey ahead with confidence and compassion. Thank you.

Sue, Pharmacist

Annie has been very helpful, patient, inspiring and passionate in assisting us to grow. The workshop has allowed me to connect and gain clarity about myself. I strongly believe knowing about who am I is the most important lesson and also a guide for us to sail through our journey ahead with confidence and compassion. Thank you.

Dr Calvin Fernandez, KL

Annie has been very helpful, patient, inspiring and passionate in assisting us to grow. The workshop has allowed me to connect and gain clarity about myself. I strongly believe knowing about who am I is the most important lesson and also a guide for us to sail through our journey ahead with confidence and compassion. Thank you.

Wong Shi Yew, Lawyer

The PRH Who Am I workshop was recommended to me by psychiatrist in a time of torment in my life. This workshop exceeded my expectations as it truly helped me to look at myself in a guided way and gave me the tools and framework to continue discovering and re-discovering myself. It is a straight forward, pragmatic approach which has helped my self-confidence.

Vincent, Expatriate

Looking back on 4 days of my life during the workshop, what stays deeply in my heart? I think it’s the words of pay attention. It helps me sense my inner dynamics and help me understand the needs behind the dynamics. When I have the ability to sense what I need in my heart, any emotions will not disturb me. So that I feel free. This is where I admire the course mostly. Thank you Annie who gave us patient is hard working. During the course, she was helping us to know ourselves gradually. Thank my classmates who shared their stories are sincere. Thank you.

Rosa, China

Despite this long holiday, the workshop title “Who Am I” attract me. From the workshop, I benefitted to know and understand myself better what is best for me and the right of acceptance towards others.To my surprise, I am able to see the values, qualities and capacities that are hidden in me with the saying…
Seek and you shall find..

Karen Nonis, Melaka

Discovering Who Am I is a very complex subject which is often hard to teach and fathom.
It requires us to journey within and come to the point of acceptance of who we are and who we aspire to be.
Annie Ling does her best in journeying with us, as we unravel the pieces of puzzle of who we are and hold our hands as we allow our new self to emerge from within.

KC, Digital Marketing

At the end of this workshop, I am able to understand more about myself, I get to know my qualities / values of my being and affirmation / assurance from my colleagues. Furthermore, I gain better self-knowledge and I am aware of my weaknesses. I am brave and courageous enough to let bare and express my brokenness. Lastly, it is a team building event for our company and with this workshop, I get to know more of my colleagues.This workshop has met my expectations and I am very glad to attend this workshop. Ms Annie has done a great job in her presentation and reading materials. I wish her all the best for all her future PRH workshops. Very worth it!!

Adeline Ng, Lawyer

Very good workshop. I encourage others to come and learn. I get to learn many more things that I don’t know about myself. Helps me to see myself clearly about my life, qualities, and who I can be as a person. If there’s especially a group of friends, work and etc. I am glad my co-workers join this workshop, because, we are able to share and understand our co-workers better and our bond will get better.

Mary Abigail, Melaka

Having attended the 4 days workshop, I gained a clearer understanding and vision of Who I am as a person, a unique Human Being; called to live fully, fully alive.

Randall Lee, friar

It’s such an enlightening experience. It opens a window for me to get to know myself and my core being better. Annie being patient, understanding and knowledgeable has been instrumental in engaging us with our deeper self. Every moment spent in PRH session is worth it!

Anonymous, Teacher

It is a great workshop to understand more about myself in which I did not bother it before. What I see before are always the negative sides of me, but through this workshop, what I see as negative becomes the positives sides of me. Discover more about myself is to love myself.

Derrick Goh, friar

When I heard about this course, I was interested and joined the session. Through the Guided Personal Analysis (GPA), I looked at myself, my environment and my body. When I reflected on my deep consciousness, I learned that I care too much about others, even when my body is tired. After this session, I have become more aware about my body and my sensitivity. Then through the feedback of the other participants and my own self-reflection, I realize that I have many positive qualities and I want to live out my true self. So, I have made an action plan for my self-growth and will do my best to become who I truly am.

Joseph, China

Who Am I was truly a journey of self-discovery. It is not an easy question to answer nor an easy step to take in one’s life. However, through PRH and especially the guidance of Annie, you will be well on your way towards finding yourself.

Brandon, KL

Who Am I? I’m so glad this workshop provided clear and structured guidance to alow me to fully discover and enjoy all of me everyday for the rest of my life!

Caroline, Accountant, KL

This workshop helps me to open my mind. Let me know who I am and exactly know what I want. Thank you Annie for being patient to explain.

Grace Ng, Melaka

It was an enlightening experience that provides the right framework to develop further.

René Gerhadt, KL

Its very energetic and useful to me. This program help to discover myself in a deeper sense to my core being. Its useful in my ministry to serve God and humanity.

Cyril Mannayagam, Religious, Johor

I am very glad to know more of who I am and what I will become after this workshop as it helped me grow and learn more about myself within especially in areas which have been buried for some time. I hope to explore more and to be the best and my true self.

Joshua D’Cruz, Johor

I find a channel how to see and use my weaknesses as a strength for me to move forward as a religious.

Joseph Young, friar

It was good and I am happy to know more about myself. Its very useful for me to grow and love myself.

Noel Damsus, friar

Less Stress in Your Daily Life, It is Possible

The Less Stress in Your Life is a fruitful session which invite you to explore inner self of you and identify the stresses. Throughout the session we were made to understand the effect of stress and how we can reduce through our own action. A good session that benefit for all especially during current pandemic situation.

Arun Anthony, Entrepreneur, Seremban

I find the Less stress is possible session is of help to me, it had helped me to strengthen myself and gave me a better clarity in seeing myself from a different perspective. Special thanks to Annie Ling for guiding me in search of myself. The material that was presented by PRH although are simple but well structured to bring out a better view for me to climb my next ladder in life. Thank you again. 🙏🌹

Jennifer Wu, Entrepreneur, KL

I really enjoyed taking the time to process the topic of Stress with PRH growth accompanist Annie Ling. In appreciation of all who shared, topped with Annie’s guidance, and professional interpretation, I came away from a very fruitful session and now I understand the essence of the topic much better. Thank you, Annie and PRH Malaysia!

Caroline, Accountant, KL

Was good to learn and hear views from members on how they cope with stresses. Found the method about taking the car out for a drive when things are a little heated at home/office/etc quite good. May try it one day. And found out that certain stresses are shared by majority, ie uncertainty about the pandemic, worries about children education.

Anonymous, PJ

“This is the 2nd time for me joining a workshop by PRH. My intention is to look into my daily life as a person and to understand the other people around me.
I learned more about myself during the reflection activities during the session. Thank you Annie as you are a wonderful trainer and facilitator.

Irene Goh, Eco Entrepreneur, Puchong

The Power of Feelings

A revealing workshop that offers great tools for personal development and to a certain extent self-healing. I’m going through a very turbulent time and the workshops have helped tremendously in navigating through my emotions. Highly recommended!

Anonymous, KL

I actually enrolled at the very last minute, so I think I’m very very lucky to be able to join this group of people! I loveeee Annie, she makes me feel so safe and respected.. Literally after the first session I told my friend who recommended me to join, that Annie has a soothing and calming voice, that makes me feel very relaxed and protected. The sessions are very well prepared, with easy-to-understand pdf documents. But don’t worry, if you have any questions, Annie is always there to guide and help you. The group size is just nice, Annie makes sure all of us get enough attention and that none of us is being left out throughout the whole sessions. I’ve really learned a lot, I’m very surprised! I look forward to having more sessions with Annie.. ❤️❤️❤️

Jingle, Entertainment, Penang

Sometimes we always let our feelings to dominate us and we don’t know how to handle it. But here is good news for you if you want to own your feelings and be aware of yourself. You should attend PRH workshop. This workshop blows my mind. It helps me to be aware of my strength and sensibility.

Angela Zing, NGO, KL

The Power of Feeling was a beneficial workshop. Thanks to Annie’s facilitation. I was able to connect and explore my internal feelings and its movement. The workshop also helped me to process all the emotional upheavals that I was facing during the Covid 19.

Pauline Leong, Assoc Professor, PJ

“The Power of Feelings is a breakthrough for me to live life fully. Though I had been many different workshops n training relate to emotion, this program had helped me to be more organise to find my root cause that I’m struggle with. Through the group sharing indeed help me to discover to gain new knowledge of myself deeply where i know it’s a process to recover and to embrace my brokenness or weakness in my journey to move forward.”

Jeanny Lim, NGO, Sabah

This training was more than I expected! It was only for a short three days but I have acquired more than I could have ever imagined! Especially considering it was through Zoom format which worked surprisingly well for this experiential workshop. The atmosphere of the group allowed a safe space for self-reflection during introspection activities. Listening in the discussion and sharing of experiences has helped me to make sense of the self in light of personal therapy and healing.

Anonymous, Teacher, PJ

Thank you so much again for your insights, the learnings you shared, for your kindness and generosity of spirit. Am glad to have met you; a beautiful soul! God bless you and take care of you and your family always.
The session on The Power of Feelings is very helpful. Feelings indeed can affect us and even mark our lives. The session helped me to be further attentive to my feelings, become responsible in managing these. Understanding my feelings is actually a great help in one’ s personal awareness and growth and even in managing one’s relationships.
Are you overwhelmed by your feelings? Do you know the triggers? Do you over react? Do you want to further actualize your self? If so, this Session will definitely be helpful to you.

Charito Gracia, Philippines

The workshop was really helpful. I have always struggled to cope with my feelings. I remembered asking Annie in the first workshop, “I’m overwhelmed by my own feelings a lot, can one have too many feelings?” After attending the workshop, I have a clearer idea of how to cope with my feelings and pay close attention to how my feelings express themselves. I highly recommend this workshop.

Anonymous, Penang

The workshop allows me to check-in and be more aware of what’s going on inside me. A workshop not to be missed for anyone who wants to grow and realize their full potential.

Anonymous, Finance, PJ

Decision Making In My Everyday Life

An extraordinary, unique and excellent different process making better decisions from inner self. Two-way interactive session while learning which I seldom come across through my years of attending other courses. Facilitor, Ms. Annie Ling is a patience and good listener (with empathy) to all participants’ respond while sharing in progress. Will recommend others to attend. Bravo to Ms. Annie.

Augustine Lee, Yayasan Sin Chiew

I thought i know enough of self awareness thought processes, however thanks to Annie, she had reveal another hidden part of my iceberg model, Annie make sure the class is conducted in a neutral and safe environment.. thru the lesson.. I’ve a clearer picture of how decisions can be made / form by few areas within ourselves, it is a good tool to handle my emotion when i can see how i can make the decisions or rather on why i made those decision.. and be clearer about it..

MK Wong, Biz Owner, Puchong

I like how intimate a session can get at times, as it just goes to show how safe participants feel to truly reflect on and share their experiences. The process laid out for decision making will definitely come in handy for those decisions that I previously had struggled with. Glad I got to be a part of this amazing workshop.

Anonymous, PJ

This workshop was really helpful in guiding me to better understand the way I make decisions on a daily basis as well as to better reflect on where these decisions are coming from within me. Annie was very helpful in guiding our group and she is a very good listener who gives good guidance on how to reflect further.

Anonymous, KL

The Workshop offered awareness on our day to day decision making process by asking well defined questions to go deeper. Instead of making quick decisions from the head it is necessary to take other factors into consider action such as body, being or deep concious. Considering that and constantly practising patience allow me to make strong decissions I can identify with.

René Gerhadt, KL

I have gained a better and clearer understanding of decision making which is very useful in my daily decision making.

Anonymous, KL

My experience is very good. The content helps you to take decision more wisely. The method is good . Everyone should look into it. The Facilitator understands you and know from where to guide you.

Marggie Daniels, Entrepreneur, KL

Decision making workshop was really helpful in guiding me to better and clearer understanding the way i make my daily decision. I had a great time learning with Annie.

Anonymous, HR, PJ

The session is excellent and informative with new concepts of decision making.

Bashker, Director, Ascenta

Decision making workshop was really helpful in guiding me to better and clearer understanding the way i make my daily decision. I had a great time learning with Annie. Anonymous KL
I feel this workshop gave me a better understanding of the decisions I have made in the past and also the many decisions I have yet to make. It shows me how decisions, though seems easy to make, but has a more deeper root to who we are as an individual.

Khai Hoong, Selangor

Decision Making in my everyday life had helped me to focus the area of life especially in the choice anchored on my principles attitudes or characters in line with Who I Am. I felt its very important because I can live my purpose in a healthy way, as well as in giving good example to the society especially with integrity, healthy boundaries, positive words & etc.

Jeanny Lim, NGO, Sabah

I’ve got a different perspective from people with different background. I have a better way of making a decision based on the guidelines I learnt and the decision I have made will make an impact on myself.

Zencole, PJ

PRH’s Decision Making in My Everyday Life workshop has given me a holistic approach in making simple daily decisions. I enjoyed every moment of the workshop from the sharings from the other participants.

Simon Wong, Penang

Decision-making was a very interesting workshop as it helped me to decipher the reasons behind the everyday decisions that I make. The one-on-one session after the workshop with Annie was illuminating. as I learned that I was making decisions because I am currently exploring new avenues in my career as part of my personal growth journey.

Pauline Leong, Assoc Professor, PJ

I found this Decision Making Workshop benefits me in knowing which part of me affects my decision in my daily life. The formula shared is a formula that I can use to help me make better judgement and decision. I m gonna use for work and personal life until it becomes a habit. Thank you Annie and PRH to help me to find a solution which i always found difficult for me.

Jennifer, Telco

It’s a Wonderful Experience attending your session and I have indeed made the right decision. I encourage all Entrepreneurs to attend this as it will definitely help you in making a better decision and keeping your goals in perspective. 👍👍

Leonard Yang, Entrepreneur, USJ

A very valuable session with Annie Ling PRH on Decision Making in My Everyday Life which I am encourage by the training with specific pointers that make me stay focus to set target that is achievable as initially I wonder how long I can last from 9 am but I am so grateful the training is very practical that I complete the whole session by 5pm this evening ( minus one hour our lunch ! )

Wang, Biz Owner-Engineering, Selangor

I like the step by step or ‘peeling the onion’ approach in this session of self discovery. This session also connected me to my being, it’s role in my decision making and the importance in involving my whole self in my decision making process…

Jean, USJ

Thank you so much for the session! It is indeed enlightening for me and a 6 hours well spent in discovery of my self and how I can apply this very simple teaching into practice regularly.

Victoria, HR-MNC, PJ

‘Making decision as a process that will help the growth of the people around us and me too. Hope my decision will make me understand of my capabilities, my feelings towards my decision (happy, grateful, confident etc..). Every decision whether it is big or small, urgent or long term will be a learning process and experience for me. PRH will help us to do that.’

Paul, Teacher, Perak

Thanks for inviting to the session and I learned new skills from the decision making session. A truly fruitful day spent and highly recommended to at least join 1 session with Annie.

Irene Goh, Eco Entrepreneur, Puchong

Firstly, I really appreciate the kind and casual approach of the facilitator. The ambiance allowed a safe space for self-reflection. Secondly, the introspection step-by-step activities gave my confidence a quick boost in that moment. In a way, I am more aware of my body and all the feeling that manifest and that I am able to justify why I had made certain choices in my daily life…

Zie, PJ

Before attending this Decision Making Workshop, I had no confidence in making my own decision. I felt absolutely fine if other people decided for me even if I disagreed with them. So there were not many happy endings as a result.
But after attending this workshop, I have a newfound faith in making my own decisions. I learnt about PRH way of how to. make firm and clear decisions. It is a simple but very comprehensive tool that covers all the pivotal aspects of myself. I am happy that I can now learn to make decision myself without worrying how people think of me and my decisions. I find this realization very liberating I can now learn to decide what is best for me. Thanks Annie for this very enriching and meaningful workshop!!

Patrick, Perak

I found the workshop quite useful as it provided me with insights on the various factors that can influence my decision-making.

Anonymous, KL

Thank you so much for the session! It is indeed enlightening for me and a 6 hours well spent in discovery of my self and how I can apply this very simple teaching into practice regularly.

Rebecca, NGO, KL

The session made my decision making process more constructive.

Kennady, Puchong

A very helpful session on Decision Making, well conducted by Annie Ling.

Paul McKay, GM, Bangkok

It was a great experience for me to learn more about myself.

Anonymous, KL

Authentic Encounters

PRH conducted by Annie Ling today is helping me to identify my inner feelings, thoughts and exploring my qualities as a Being. By discovering this in myself helps to see more clearly on my potential and realized them for putting them out to help others.

Jennifer Wu, Entrepreneur, KL

Annie is a great facilitator, intuitive to the growth stage of each participant. She has the keen ability to draw out participants relational strengths. I found the program relevant and well structured.

Anonymous, NGO, KL

I was able to dig deeper and analyse my own self, able to see the difference when encountering someone using my thoughts instead of focusing on my being.

Anonymous, KL

Good! I found it really helpful in guiding me dealing with difficult conversation and knowing my thoughts and feelings. Although some parts feels a bit personal, I feel comfortable to share with the group.

Anonymous, KL

It was great, I learned a lot. The folks were lovely and jovial. I felt comfortable !!! Very insightful indeed!!

Aaron Wu, KL

It was great, I learned a lot. The folks were lovely and jovial. I felt comfortable !!! Very insightful indeed!!

Sylvia Martin, Financial Planner, Puchong

The Authentic Encounters is an excellent and good quality workshop, and managed to encompass qualities within and improvement on self level of discovery.

Bashker, Director, Ascenta

I learn more about my inner self and take time to think how I can connect with people around me. I am glad I can attend this session, to have time to reflect and appreciate people around me.

Sharon Lee, Entrepreneur

I appreciate the session today. Your passion for PRH and wanting people to better versions of themselves by understanding their BEING clearly shows through. The testimonies of the adults and young adults who attended today showed how it has helped them get in touch with their feelings and clarified their inner goodness. Well done and may God continue to bless you in this important mission to help others be fully alive.

Chris Chew, Biz Owner, PJ

I appreciate the session today. Your passion for PRH and wanting people to better versions of themselves by understanding their BEING clearly shows through. The testimonies of the adults and young adults who attended today showed how it has helped them get in touch with their feelings and clarified their inner goodness. Well done and may God continue to bless you in this important mission to help others be fully alive.

Jonathan Rao, Religious

It was a really good interaction and participation session where everyone was free to share their thoughts and let their guard down. Very beneficial and productive encounter between each and every individual 👍🏻

Agvina Dicom, Medical Researcher, Puchong

You’re welcome and thank you Miss Annie so much for the session! I now feel the gist of knowing how to be myself.

Allisha, Selangor

This first PRH session was a good stepping stone into understandings how the these sessions work and it was conducted very well. The interactive role play everyone had to play really does add to the learning experience of the session.

Daniel Augustus, PJ

Enjoyed the session & time together. Some of your sharing inspire & affirm my being. I like the session. Even though the ambience put us at ease & in a relax mood, the simple questions & flow of activities effectively work in us & can be quite intense if you allow yourself to open up to “Authentic Encounters”.

Pei Shen, Puchong

It was a very good session to find out our “being” in our encounters. Slowly work on Moving away from our negativity…

Thilaha, NGO, Puchong

It has been a Blessed morning to have encounter each person in the group. The sessions were interesting and a reminder to live Life to the full… that is – the four dimensions of one’s being. Thank you Annie for animating the Workshop and sharing “prh” with us. Highly commendable to all WHO desire to grow and live from the core of one’s being. God’s blessings to each one in all your undertakings.

Mercie Lai, Puchong

First PRH encounter was very eye opening. A very good program for personal growth. Towards being a better ‘ME’.  Great location, fellow participants and of course facilitator, Annie.

Madonna, Perak

“With a sincere heart, I would like to say thank you for spending your valuable time with us. The discussions we had gave me comfort, hope, and courage to move on with life no matter the circumstance. Once again, thank you for your words of wisdom and helping me navigate towards a successful life”🙏🏻

Nancy, Religious

Challenging Myself to live more fully

I am very thankful to be invited for a PRH session by Annie Ling after a friend recommended me. It was a calling to me and no doubt this came to me at the right timing especially when I was constantly down and depressed.
After experiencing the session, i began to understand that we need to sit and connect with our innerself in this life journey. The session is a very gentle one which an impactdul soul searching process in helping me discover some of my potentials which I had not acknowledged in efforts to accomplish my goals.
A very uplifting sharing session for my soul nourishment!

Shobhana, Finance, PJ

The workshop was beneficial in terms of understanding certain aspects of myself, especially the obstacles that hinder my growth. The follow-up session after the workshop was useful to delve deeper into the issues that were uncovered during the workshop. Annie is a patient facilitator with good listening skills.

Pauline Leong, Assoc Professor, PJ

Through this session, it helps me to identify the area of my life that i need to work on.

Peter, Auditor, PJ

I am so grateful for your kindness. It was awesome and enjoyed the session.

Antony Doss, Religious, India

Dealing with Expectations :
When I say No, I dont feel comfortable

Thank you so much for a soul enlightening session. Must continue to understand myself so that I can be free to be my true, happiest and healthiest self.
Wish that I had started the realisation sooner, but “now” is always the best time.

Sharon Woo, PJ

Thanks for the amazing session. Love it.

Yaohan, Customer Service, PJ

Challenges and Opportunity during the Coronavirus Crisis

This workshop gave me the opportunity to sit down and self-reflect on my 40-day long experience with the #Covid-19 #lockdown and allowed me to identify and face my developing challenges during these challenging times. Four simple questions helped me stop taking this unprescedented experience for granted. Won’t spoil it, you gotta try it!

Ziad Abou-Rafeh, Educator, Selangor

This program allowed me to find my inner self that has been hidden for a long time. It allowed me to rediscover what were the things that brought a lot of joy in my life and also brought clarity to what I must do with the time, talents that God has given me.

Juanita, Homemaker, Penang

Whether its a difficult situation now? Or It’s actually a new opportunity? We define the situation ourself, the session also helped me to examine my true potential which I should have done before. During this crisis, we can still find hope and opportunity within ourselves.

Dylan, KL

“With a sincere heart, I would like to say thank you for spending your valuable time with me during this MCO. The discussions we had gave me comfort, hope, and courage to move on with life no matter the circumstance. Once again, thank you for your words of wisdom and helping me navigate towards a successful day.”

Nancy, Teacher

Living together during confiment (during pandemic 24/7)

The short but super effective PRH online workshop “Living Together during Confinement.” gave me more clarity as I identified and put on paper some inner difficulties. It help me find appropriate means to manage myself and make the necessary adjustments in my way of living as I want and choose to live more harmoniously within myself and with others even beyond this present confinement. ♥️ Simple to follow but profound discoveries 🥳
I appreciate your effective and authentic facilitation very much. Thanks again, Annie.

Sabrina, Educator, Bangkok

I am glad to have attended the Living Together during Confinement workshop by PRH today. This workshop is essential for anyone and everyone who Wants and Chooses to live harmoniously together and getting in touch with their in-depth life during the confinement period. Thank you for the excellent facilitation and congratulations to PRH for bringing the workshop to Asia. “This is the very perfection of a man, to find out his own imperfections.” – Saint Augustine.

Simon Wong, Penang

“The session provided insightful perspective and personal experience from the active participants.”

Eugene Lee, Entrepreneur, KL

Very different from other online courses that I joined that was mainly academic.Good sharing and get to hear views from others from different profession and background. The session relates our presence in our families in the current MCO situation and how we explore our roles in adapting ourselves with members of our family under one roof.

Paul, Teacher, Perak

It was a good Sunday learning experience with Annie Ling. There was good sharing and leaning from a small group of participants, that I have learned so much from sharing and listening to a very appropriate topic Living together during Confinement. Looking forward to more sessions, uniquely different than a webinar of just listening, but through sharing we got great ideas to initiate with my family. #testimonial #learning #CMCO

Alex Choong, Biz Owner, KL

It was wonderful sharing and learning Annie.

Datuk Dr Zanariah, Putrajaya

Thank you for the workshop Annie! I learned a lot and I was really happy to be able to listen and share 🤗

Raisa, Putrajaya

The session gave space for participants to be honest in their reflection, while guiding them to concrete progress steps.

Rohan Marshall, Biz Owner, KL

It was a good session I can explore my potential to have a better relation with people surrounding me during the MCO, and from sharing others experiences.

Indra Sosrodjojo, Biz Owner, Jakarta