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Discover the core of your identity and live according to who you are!

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 11, 25 Feb, 4, 11 Mar  (HYBRID) 

PRH Center & Zoom


22-25 April 




9-10, 16-17 Sept 


PRH Center & Zoom

15-18 Dec 




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–  Gain better self knowledge.

– Identify your most central aspirations.

– Clarify the necessary conditions for the unfolding of your personality and for gaining greater self-esteem.

– Progress in solidity and self-assurance in life, so as to better face life’s difficulties.


Getting underway

Ÿ   Part 1 – Two doorways to self-knowledge

  • My self-image
  • My degree of autonomy before others

Ÿ   Part 2 – The important realities of the person

  • The being: an essential reality and central core of your personality. A wellspring of potentialities and aptitudes most often not well known
  • Intellect, freedom, will: three faculties that can cooperate with your full development
  • The body, source of energy, and which you must take into account
  • The sensibility: its manifestations – its reactions – the phenomenon of hypersensitivity and its causes
  • The deep conscience – making constructive decisions

Ÿ   Part 3 – How to progress?

  • Being an active participant in your growth

Ÿ   Final inventory


The training takes place in a group. Questions invite you to observe your life on a specific theme and to describe your experience of it. The time of guided analysis is followed by optional sharing, without entering into discussion. In order to deepen participants’ personal research, the educator gives input and uses various means (diagrams, commentaries, observations notes, etc.). The variety of experiences shared in the group enriches participants. You are invited to make well thought out decisions corresponding to your actual reality.


This workshop is open to all adults. It is not recommended for deeply perturbed individuals, or for individuals in psychotherapy, unless they receive the approval from their psychotherapist.

Workshop Fee Structure

PRH values Respect, Solidarity, Passion, and Professionalism

PRH upholds the solidarity principle by recommending a fee scale for the payment of PRH activities. The fee scale is designed so that each participant pays fairly according to their financial capacity. This allows less fortunate individuals to participate within their means while more financially capable individuals are able to appreciate and support PRH professionalism accordingly. This encourages further development of a fair and equitable society.
We respect your capacity to assess your own financial situation. We understand that this may be a challenge for people who are used to bargaining for the lowest fee. PRH encourages us to grow in honesty, trust, and openness. PRH believes that justice, generosity and the aspiration to make a difference in the world is part of who we are in our depth. Giving has been shown to lift our sense of the meaning of our lives. Being fair allows us to live authentically in line with our deep conscience.


You are invited to pay according to the solidarity table. The first column is a reference based on your monthly income and the other columns are as accordance to the duration of the workshops selected.

For ON-SITE Session

The above fees does not include food, transportation and accommodation. Kindly refer Registration form for details.

WHO AM I Workshop Registration

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what they say!

The PRH Who Am I workshop was recommended to me by psychiatrist in a time of torment in my life. This workshop exceeded my expectations as it truly helped me to look at myself in a guided way and gave me the tools and framework to continue discovering and re-discovering myself. It is a straight forward, pragmatic approach which has helped my self-confidence.

Vincent, Jakarta

It’s such an enlightening experience. It opens a window for me to get to know myself and my core being better. Annie being patient, understanding and knowledgeable has been instrumental in engaging us with our deeper self. Every moment spent in PRH session is worth it!

Anonymous, KK


The 4 day workshop I attended has certainly enabled my understanding of my strengths as a person, which is very reaffirming. It also teaches me how to be in touch with my feelings when an emotion is being experienced. I can also make decisions more conscientiously and assuredly. It also encourages me to live from the best of myself. One should find out what it is to live from the best of oneself!

Dr Calvin Fernandez, KL

The benefit I derived from this workshop is that I’ve learned the Personal Methodical Growth tool in discovering who am I. It is an indepth, scientific and systematic tool to help to unveil our inner self. I affirm my own qualities, capacities and limitations.

I have the chance to express myself in a guided manner.

One of the most surprising benefits I derived from this workshop is I get to know my working colleagues, their difficulties and challenges in life, I also learn about their qualities, capacities and limitations.

Wong Shi Yew

At the end of this workshop, I am able to understand more about myself, I get to know my qualities / values of my being and affirmation / assurance from my colleagues. Furthermore, I gain better self-knowledge and I am aware of my weaknesses. I am brave and courageous enough to let bare and express my brokenness. Lastly, it is a team building event for our company and with this workshop, I get to know more of my colleagues.

This workshop has met my expectations and I am very glad to attend this workshop. Ms Annie has done a great job in her presentation and reading materials. I wish her all the best for all her future PRH workshops. Very worth it!!

Adelyn Ng

Discovering Who Am I is a very complex subject which is often hard to teach and fathom.

It requires us to journey within and come to the point of acceptance of who we are and who we aspire to be.

Annie Ling does her best in journeying with us, as we unravel the pieces of puzzle of who we are and hold our hands as we allow our new self to emerge from within.


KC, Digital Marketing

It is a great workshop to understand more about myself in which I did not bother it before. What I see before are always the negative sides of me, but through this workshop, what I see as negative becomes the positives sides of me. Discover more about myself is to love myself.

Derick Goh

I am very glad to know more of who I am and what I will become after this workshop as it helped me grow and learn more about myself within especially in areas  which have been buried for some time. I hope to explore more and to be the best and my true self.

Joshua D' Cruz

It was an intense journey for me mentally and psychologically because I allowed myself to be vulnerable and rediscovering myself not on the intellectual level but deeper. The being of a human person is complex, I would say, but through this workshop, I was able to deal with what is happening inside of me and understand how it affects others. This workshop helped me to go through these.

Cornelsteve Dominic


One word that can describe accurately about the workshop is “awesome”.
I believe everybody managed to learn something crucial and beneficial about knowing our inner selves and can bring home learning points that will help us to maneuver ourselves during the challenging times.


It was a privilege to me to join in this kind of session. I didn’t expect that I will encounter my self in deep mode during session. I am also really satisfied knowing my self more than I know when it comes to my Qualities and Characteristics. The speaker was really accommodating, fashionable, a good listener and speaker to us. PRH is a highly recommended for those people looking for themselves and for meditation too.


When I heard about this course, I was interested and joined the session. Through the Guided Personal Analysis (GPA), I looked at myself, my environment and my body. When I reflected on my deep consciousness, I learned that I care too much about others, even when my body is tired. After this session, I have become more aware about my body and my sensitivity. Then through the feedback of the other participants and my own self-reflection, I realize that I have many positive qualities and I want to live out my true self. So, I have made an action plan for my self-growth and will do my best to become who I truly am.

Joseph Li

Despite this long holiday, the workshop title “Who Am I” attract me. From the workshop, I benefitted to know and understand myself better what is best for me and the right of acceptance towards others.

To my surprise, I am able to see the values, qualities and capacities that are hidden in me with the saying…

Seek and you shall find..

Karen Nonis

Very good workshop. I encourage others to come and learn. I get to learn many more things that I don’t know about myself. Helps me to see myself clearly about my life, qualities, and who I can be as a person. If there’s especially a group of friends, work and etc.

I am glad my co-workers join this workshop, because, we are able to share and understand our co-workers better and our bond will get better.

Mary Abigail

Its very energetic and useful to me. This program help to discover myself in a deeper sense to my core being. Its useful in my ministry to serve God and humanity

Cyril Mannayagam

I am glad I attended this workshop. I am able to see new things in me. I understand certain values in me. This workshop enable me to grow forward.


Very good workshop. I encourage others to come and learn. I get to learn many more things that I don’t know about myself. Helps me to see myself clearly about my life, qualities, and who I can be as a person. If there’s especially a group of friends, work and etc.

I am glad my co-workers join this workshop, because, we are able to share and understand our co-workers better and our bond will get better.

Mary Abigail

This workshop helps me to open my mind. Let me know who I am and exactly know what I want. Thank you Annie for being patient to explain.

Grace, Melaka

It was good and I am happy to know more about myself. Its very useful for me to grow and love myself.


Noel Damsus Gatulis

Having attended the 4 days workshop, I gained a clearer understanding and vision of Who I am as a person, a unique Human Being; called to live fully, fully alive.

Randall Lee

I find a channel how to see and use my weaknesses as a strength for me to move forward as a religious

Joshua Young

It was an enlightening experience that provides the right framework to develop further.


Who Am I was truly a journey of self-discovery. It is not an easy question to answer nor an easy step to take in one’s life. However, through PRH and especially the guidance of Annie, you will be well on your way towards finding yourself.


Who Am I? I’m so glad this workshop provided clear and structured guidance to alow me to fully discover and enjoy all of me everyday for the rest of my life!

Caroline David

Annie has been very helpful, patient, inspiring and passionate in assisting us to grow. The workshop has allowed me to connect and gain clarity about myself. I strongly believe knowing about who am I is the most important lesson and also a guide for us to sail through our journey ahead with confidence and compassion. Thank you.

Siow Sue Swen

Looking back on 4 days of my life during the workshop, what stays deeply in my heart? I think it’s the words of pay attention. It helps me sense my inner dynamics and help me understand the needs behind the dynamics. When I have the ability to sense what I need in my heart, any emotions will not disturb me. So that I feel free. This is where I admire the course mostly. Thank you Annie who gave us patient is hard working. During the course, she was helping us to know ourselves gradually. Thank my classmates who shared their stories are sincere. Thank you.