GRAC: Growth in Communication, leads to Growth in Relationships

What is Grac

GRAC is a Group Accompaniment. The group consist of not more than 8 persons that will meet monthly for the duration of the Themed workshops. 

GRACC promotes in depth growth in the selected theme, in a life giving environment that support and deepen our growth journey. 

( 6 meetings X 3 hours )

18 hours GRAC meeting

Growth in Communication, Leads to Growth in Relationships

6 months : 

monthly X 3  hours


THemes for each meeting

Meeting 1  : My Communication and its History

Meeting 2  : Communication Interaction between People

Meeting 3   : My Heart speaks through Communication

Meeting 4  : Disrupting Elements in Communication

Meeting 5   : Keys to Better Communication

Meeting 6  : Communication – a Way of Being in my Relationships

** pre-requisite to join GRAC :

Have attended 2 PRH workshops or WHO AM I