The Power of Feelings

( 9 hours workshop )

The Power of Feelings

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Objectives of the workshop

My feelings exist whether I want them to or not.To experience my feelings as strengths, it is important to be aware of and take ownership of them.


The objectives of this workshop

  • To discover the true value of your feelings.
  • To understand the messages of your feelings.
  • To develop a constructive interaction between your mind and your feelings.
  • To let go of a culture in which “feelings” are experienced as an obstacle or hindrance.

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what they say!

Sometimes we always let our feelings to dominate us and we don’t know how to handle it. But here is good news for you if you want to own your feelings and be aware of yourself. You should attend PRH workshop. This workshop blows my mind. It helps me to be aware of my strength and sensibility.

Angela Zing, KL
Pastoral Worker

The Power of Feelings was a beneficial workshop. Thanks to Annie’s facilitation, I was able to connect and explore my internal feelings and its movement. The workshop also helped me to process all the emotional upheavals that I was facing during the Covid19

Pauline Leong, PJ

This training was more than I expected! It was only for a short three days but I have acquired more than I could have ever imagined! Especially considering it was through Zoom format which worked surprisingly well for this experiential workshop. The atmosphere of the group allowed a safe space for self-reflection during introspection activities. Listening in the discussion and sharing of experiences has helped me to make sense of the self in light of personal therapy and healing.

Zie, PJ


The session on The Power of Feelings is very helpful. Feelings indeed can affect us and even mark our lives. The session helped me to be further attentive to my feelings, become responsible in managing these. Understanding my feelings is actually a great help in one’ s personal awareness and growth and even in managing one’s relationships.
Are you overwhelmed by your feelings? Do you know the triggers? Do you over react? Do you want to further actualize your self? If so, this Session will definitely be helpful to you.
Thank you Annie for your meaningful insights, sharings and for facilitating the Session.

Charito Gracia, PH

The power of feeling is a breakthrough for me to live life fully. Though I had been many different workshops n training relate to emotion, this program had helped me to be more organise to find my root cause that I struggle with. Through the group sharing indeed help me to discover to gain new knowledge of myself deeply where i know it’s a process for me to recover and to embrace my brokenness or weakness in my journey to move forward.

Jeanny Lim, Sabah

I actually enrolled at the very last minute, so I think I’m very very lucky to be able to join this group of people! I loveeee Annie, she makes me feel so safe and respected.. Literally after the first session I told my friend who recommended me to join, that Annie has a soothing and calming voice, that makes me feel very relaxed and protected. The sessions are very well prepared, with easy-to-understand pdf documents. But don’t worry, if you have any questions, Annie is always there to guide and help you. The group size is just nice, Annie makes sure all of us get enough attention and that none of us is being left out throughout the whole sessions. I’ve really learned a lot, I’m very surprised! I look forward to having more sessions with Annie.. ❤️❤️❤️

Jingle Teh, Penang

The power of feelings is neutral, non judgmental and can be applied by anyone regardless of race and religion. Its was a safe place to share.

Anonymous, PJ

The workshop allows me to check-in and be more aware of what’s going on inside me. A workshop not to be missed for anyone who wants to grow and realize their full potential.

Anonymous, PJ

A revealing workshop that offers great tools for personal development and to a certain extent self-healing. I’m going through a very turbulent time and the workshops have helped tremendously in navigating through my emotions. Highly recommended!

Anonymous, PJ