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Workshops and Activities in 2023

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1st PRH Malaysia Friends’ Day with Magda Uyttersprot and Maarten Cuyvers

Workshops and Activities in 2022

PRH Center Opening in Puchong @november 26, 2022

Workshops in 2021

Workshops in 2019-2020

First PRH Authenthic Encounters February 2019 @PRH Centre Puchong
PRH Authentic Encounters @April 2019, PRH Centre Puchong
PRH Authentic Encounters for Corporate – iForte
PRH Authentic Encounters session 1st batch, PPC/BECCOT in Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Puchong.
PRH Authentic Encounters, 2nd batch for PCC/BECCOT, for the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Puchong, Sept 2019
Authentic Encounter activity session
PRH Perjumpaan Sejati (Authentic Encounters) for Masterweld Students (Taman Mas) Sept 2019
Some PRH Methodology sharing on the Diagram of the Pivotal Centre during PRH Authentic Encounters session
PRH series of workshops of Authentic Encounters, Language of the Heart, Being Active and Creative with a Personal Growth Workbook and The Power of Feeling for Mission School participants @ Majodi Centre, Johor Bahru from Aug – Oct 2019
A 9 hours journey to find our potential and gifts that we often overlook in our day to day life. Very life giving session to know ourselves and to share with others.
A modest and simple learning centre for PRH workshops situated in Puchong
PRH Authentic Encounters with the Church of St Francis Xavier in PJ @ Jan 2020
PRH The Power of Feelings session during Movement Control Order due to the pandemic via Zoom @ Mar 2020
A beautiful session to look at how we can live together harmoniously and create moments together during the challenging time of being together 24/7. PRH Living Together During Confinement, May 2020
A beautiful session Challenging Myself to Live More Fully. It explores every sector of lives and how we can take steps to live more fully. We often have more strength than we thought.



PRH WHen I say No, I don’t feel Comfortable @April 2019, PRH Centre, Puchong
Pair work in Authentic Encounters
PRH Authentic Encounters for International Medical University, Bukit Jalil on Aug 2019
Pair encountering exercise during Authentic Encounters @ IMU 2019
Teabreak during the session. Warm and cosy among the participants @PRH Centre Puchong @2019
Creative expression work during PRH Perjumpaan Sejati (Authentic Encounters @ Masterweld Taman Mas, Sept 2019
Written reflection during PRH Authentic Encounters session
Lots of activities during the workshop at Majodi Centre, Johor Bahru in 2019
A good sharing session with the participants and how they can move forward to Less Stress in your Daily life, it is Possible @ PRH Centre, Puchong 2019
Tea break area during PRH session, with a lovely view of a lake on the right side.
Plenty of good encounters and sharing during Authentic Encounters in SFX Church sessions.
Modules to help us look at how we can sieze the opportunities to live well during the coronavirus pandemic. PRH Challenges and Opportunities during the Coronavirus pandemic April 2020
Another beautiful session of Living Together during Confinement during RMCO (Restricted Movement Control) Covid 19. The participants enjoyed this session very much, on a Sunday afternoon.



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