Decision Making in My Everyday Life

Decision Making
In My Everyday Life

(limited to 8 seats)

(6 hours workshop)

Objectives of the workshop

Our daily decisions build us or they can harm us. Learn how we make decisions so that we can make good decision for our growth.

This module looks at how we make decisions in our daily life.

  • To look at my present method of decision making in my daily life in order to determine what is working well.
  • To examine what influences my ordinary decisions today and why.
  • To learn a method of decision making that takes into account my whole person.
  • To grasp well the impact of my decisions on my growth.

Please refer to the Registration Page for fees for the workshop. For 2021, this module offers an additional free 30 mins of 1 to 1 coaching/helping session to its participants. 

what they say!

An extra ordinary, unique and excellent different process making better decisions from inner self. Two-way interactive session while learning which I seldom come across through my years of attending other courses. Facilitor, Ms. Annie Ling is a patience and good listener (with empathy) to all participants’ respond while sharing in progress. Will recommend others to attend. Bravo to Ms. Annie.


Augustine Low, Klang

I found this Decision Making Workshop benefits me in knowing which part of me affects my decision in my daily life. The formula shared is a formula that I can use to help me make better judgement and decision. I m gonna use for work and personal life until it becomes a habit. Thank you Annie and PRH to help me to find a solution which i always found difficult for me.

Jennifer,Telco, PJ

Before attending this Decision Making Workshop, I had no confidence in making my own decision. I felt absolutely fine if other people decided for me even if I disagreed with them. So there were not many happy endings as a result.

But after attending this workshop, I have a newfound faith in making my own decisions. I learnt about PRH way of how to. make firm and clear decisions. It is a simple but very comprehensive tool that covers all the pivotal aspects of myself.

I am happy that I can now learn to make decision myself without worrying how people think of me and my decisions. I find this realization very liberating I can now learn to decide what is best for me.

Thanks Annie for this very enriching and meaningful workshop!!

Patrick, Retiree, Sitiawan

Patrick, Perak

I like how intimate a session can get at times, as it just goes to show how safe participants feel to truly reflect on and share their experiences. The process laid out for decision making will definitely come in handy for those decisions that I previously had struggled with. Glad I got to be a part of this amazing workshop.


Anonymous, PJ

Thank you for everything Annie. I had a great time of learning with you and the rest, today.💫🌱looking forward to the next gathering.


Rebecca, KL

T’was an amazing session. I feel this workshop gave me a better understanding of the decisions I have made in the past and also the many decisions I have yet to make.

It shows me how

Khai Hoong, Selangor

Decision-making was a very interesting workshop as it helped me to decipher the reasons behind the everyday decisions that I make.

The one-on-one session after the workshop with Annie was illuminating, as I learned that I was making decisions because I am currently exploring new avenues in my career as part of my personal growth journey.

Pauline Leong, Lecturer, KL

‘Making decision as a process that will help the growth of the people around us and me too. Hope my decision will make me understand of my capabilities, my feelings towards my decision (happy, grateful, confident etc..). Every decision whether it is big or small, urgent or long term will be a learning process and experience for me. PRH will help us to do that.’…


Paul, Teacher, Perak

Firstly, I really appreciate the kind and casual approach of the facilitator. The ambiance allowed a safe space for self-reflection.
Secondly, the introspection step-by-step activities gave my confidence a quick boost in that moment. In a way, I am more aware of my body and all the feeling that manifest and that I am able to justify why I had made certain choices in my daily life…

Zie, Post Graduate, KL

Today’s session, 9.10.21 was a good followup to the groundwork done on 1st session held on 2.10.2021. Learned a lot and will apply the method shared.

It shows me how decisions, though seems easy to make, but has a more deeper root to who we are as an individual.

Caroline, KL

I like the step by step or ‘peeling the onion’ approach in this session of self discovery.

This session also connected me to my being, it’s role in my decision making and the importance in involving my whole self in my decision making process…

Jean, USJ

Decision Making is not as simple as one thinks especially those matters to us and family.

By attending to this workshop, one can be aware of our dominant pattern of making decision, and most importantly being introduced a more holistic, humane way of making decision”.  

Peter Kong, PJ

PRH’s Decision Making in My Everyday Life workshop has given me a holistic approach in making simple daily decisions. I enjoyed every moment of the worshop from the sharings from the other participants.

Simon Wong, Penang

Decision Making in my everyday life had helped me to focus the area of life especially in the choice anchored on my principles attitudes or characters in line with Who I Am.

I felt its very important because I can live my purpose in a healthy way, as well as in giving good example to the society especially with integrity, healthy boundaries, positive words & etc.

Jeany, Sabah

The session is excellent and informative with new concepts of decision making. The course is excellent

Bashker K,
Finance Director,
Ascenta Logistics

I have gained a better and clearer understanding of decision making which is very useful in my daily decision making.

Anonymous, KL