Approaching My Challenges and Sufferings More Constructively

(6 hours workshop)

Approaching My Challenges and Suffering More Constructively

2 days workshop

10am – 5pm

(12 hours)

Objectives of the workshop

  • To help us to acknowledge the truth of what we experience when facing what makes us suffer or what is a problem for us.
  • To understand ourselves in the process.
  • And to discover our inner resources in order to face our problems and the causes of our suffering, in a satisfying and constructive way

Working with this objective, we will introduce the PRH method, which is always directed towards:

  • Self-knowledge
  • Self-understanding
  • Living our lives better

through the analysis of what we experience and self-discovery concerning the reality of our being.


For 2021, this module offers an additional free 30 mins of 1 to 1 coaching/helping session to its participants. Register by 10 November 2020.