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Communication Dynamics : “Messages”

Communication Dynamics :

So last week, we saw the completion of “Me in Communications” : Our Body Speaks.

We start with another important element in our communication. We look at the messages that we speak, that we communicate by our expressions, words or written words. We look at how these influence the way we communicate.

Our messages in Communication

The “messages” that we give to others, ie by our choices of words, phrases or tone allows the right intended message to be received well and accurately by the other party. The good and clear messages communicated foster understanding of the intended message and reduce misunderstanding from incomplete and unclear messages.

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person holding black phone

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When we send a message or communicate with another, we observe the following

  • Is my message clear, concise and well structured?
    When we do short messaging via whatsapp, we tend to use short forms and emoji to convey our messages, the lack of visual during the interaction and the a ‘too concise’ message may lack the complete understanding to the person receiving the message. Poorly constructed messages can frustrate listeners/receivers as they try to understand the messages that you intend to communicate. This can further create some frustration and misunderstanding over messages received.
  • In the virtual platforms like zoom, google, skype or team meetings and conversations, when we communicate about ourselves as we are learning to adjust to a new way of communicating on online platform; we can feel our communication is not so smooth, we may be feeling a little anxious, time constraints making you feel rushed, stressed or uncomfortable in front of the phone and notebook. Working around the technology, internet connectivity and poor signal problems can amplify and influence our messaging, its clarity and understanding, affecting the way my message is structured and the clarity of the intended message or the missing messages conveyed during interruptions in the connection. This could further lead to lack of clarity, confusion and misunderstanding.

I observe my way of communicating:

  • Do I stay in the topic of the conversation or do I get swayed and sidetracked easily.
  • If I have something important to say, have I thought through how I might want to say it, a good way to structure it, am I prepared to have this conversation… or do I struggle with my words or phrasing in communicating, am I able to express what I need to say
  • What would be a good way for me, to structure my thoughts and messages, if I am frequently at loss for right words when I needed to express myself, or perhaps convey an important message? How can I prepare myself?
  • How can I better prepare myself, if I need to communicate well in the social media platform?

That’s all for this week. Join us again for the next week as a follow through from this week, on a write up on observing the situation and and the context of the communication when communicating so as to manage it appropriately for a desirable outcome.

If you have any or questions or needing any help on communication and relational difficulties, do get in touch with me, via Contact Us. I would be happy to assist.



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