Communication Dynamics : Part 4

Communication Dynamics :
“Me” in Communication – Our Feelings


Last week, we  looked at “Me” in Communication : Our thoughts and thinking and how they influence our communication’.

This week, we look at Our Feelings that can influence our way of communicating and its outcomes. 

  1. Our relational capacities
  2. Our thoughts and thinking
  3. Our feelings
  4. The way our body may feel/ speak


3. Our Feelings in Communication


Other than our thoughts, our feelings too, play a part in our communication. The way we feel about certain situation, person or circumstances too influences the way we communicate.

When we feel happy, humourous or estatic, we reflect it by our choices of words to express how we feel and also by the tone that we may use in communication. For example, when I am happy, I might use words like “delighted”, “great”, “wonderful” etc. Also, I may add a happy emoji to reflect my feelings. The mood of how I feel in the choices of words and emoji, promotes an open, positive friendly and happy environment for communicating and relating.

Likewise, when I am upset, angry, sad, it is reflected through the choices of words that may be strong, demanding, accusing and the tone of the message may seem harsh and so are the choices of emojis that accompanies the messages.


Invitation to Reflect on your way of communicating


I observe my Feelings in communication :

What is it that I am feeling at the moment towards the message that I have just received or as I am communicating with the person in front of me? Am I happy, joyful, ecstatic, or am I feeling upset, hurt, sad, disappointed, angry of the message or to the response that I had just received?

What is the tone of my message that I am about to send or speak – is it kind, encouraging or is it hurtful, angry and condescending etc.

What would be an appropriate way to respond without getting too emotional, or demanding or in exaggerated manner (a response that is more than is needed – seemed out of proportion to the situation). I observe what I feel inside before I respond.


That’s all for this week. Join us again for the next week write up on how our body speaks and  influence our way of communicating and outcomes. If you have any or questions or needing any help on communication and relational difficulties, do get in touch with me, via Contact Us. Would be happy to assist. 



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