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Communication Dynamics : Part 2

Communication Dynamics :
“Me” in Communication | Our Relational Capacities

So last week, we look at the person that we are communicating with….

  1. The person/persons that we are communicating with
  2. “Me” in the Communication
  3. Our messages in communication
  4. Situation and Context of the communication

We observe this week, when we communicate, we look at “Me” in the Communication. We communicate as a whole person, I observe my inner disposition. Myself before another. I observe my inner disposition in these areas :

  1. Our relational capacities
  2. Our thoughts and thinking
  3. Our feelings
  4. The way our body may feel/ speak

We now look at each of this element in my inner disposition when communicating.

1. Our Relational Capacities

In the depth of us, we are gifted individuals with different relational gifts for communication, each uniquely different from others, yet some similar gifts with different hues and flavour to it. For example, our relational capacities such our capacity to respect another, love for the other, care for another, our capacity to listen, to share, humour, compassion and empathy for others, our openness, genuineness, etc, enable us to participate well, contribute and foster great communication with others.

These relational capacity in us, can help foster great and positive communication. When I have respect for another person or for my community, I can live this respect in my communication and interaction with them. My gift of respect comes to life in my relating and receiving the other without judgement and in an open sincere manner when relating with them. Another example is the gift of my kindness for another, this gift in me come to life in my way of communicating my support, encouragement to someone who is going through a difficult time. If I have the gift of humour, I am able to live this humour with others through the way I communicate situations or events in a light hearted, funny manner, that allows a hearty laugh, and enabled an enjoyable connection with my loved ones, friends and community. In many other wonderful ways, I can live my uniqueness, my relational gifts with others when I communicate from the best of myself, fostering respect, comraderies and love. Exercising and living my relational gifts with others during communication helps to nurture and grow our relationships in a positive and healthy way.


Invitation to Reflect on my relational capacities

I observe my relational capacities.

For which am I gifted for that can help and build my communication with the other? Is it my love for others, kindness, care for another, a good listener, openness towards others, joy, humour etc.. I name them.

That’s all for this week. Join us again for the next week write up on how our thoughts and thinking influence our way of communicating and outcomes. If you have any or questions or needing any help on communication and relational difficulties, do get in touch with me, via Contact Us. Would be happy to assist. 


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