(Video) Is PRH for you? Devid shares…

Sharing PRH participants testimonies.

Devid shares how PRH has helped him to rebuild his confidence especially and that it had helped him to be open to new opportunities. He also shares attending the Power of Feelings workshop helped him to clarify his feelings and manage them better… listen to his sharing and experience…

PRH Formation Workshops – is for adults (21 years and above) irregardless of your background and faith, seeking growth in their day to day life, to be strong, stand solid in who they are, rediscover who we are, find meaning and purpose in life.

You can find the list of workshops here.

Testimonials are meant to invite and encourage one to experience a PRH methodology, with the emphasis that persons from all walks of life, can find PRH workshops beneficial for their personal growth process and journey. I thank all who have come forward and shared your testimonies and videos for the promotion of PRH and its services. My heartfelt thanks and gratitude.

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