“Self Awareness”

This quote and article strikes me this morning. About Self Awareness.
Self Awareness is essential to who we are, knowing our deep capacities within us, that is rooted in us. A sense knowing myself, not only from others feedback to me, but more…

I can know it from my experience of doing something, what I feel I am good at, what are my limitations..

It is more than that, that not only I know in my head, I think I am good at this, I think I will like it etc. It is more than I feel happy and good when someone receives me and say something nice to me, or I feel I am not good at this when I am criticized for my way of doing.. it is more than that.

It is something that I believe in myself, my deep self, that I not only know but I believe, I believe that essentially this is who I am my capacities, my talents, my qualities, my gifts. Not only that I know it in my head, but I feel it deeply inside of me, anchored in me. I am not shaken when someone criticize me. I am not shaken, when I make a mistake, I live openness to the reality that this is me. Openness to know that I am good in it yet, I am still learning, embracing newness, taking my learning and mistakes in stride. I have this momentum in me to move forward, to embrace more.

This self awareness of myself, helps lead me in my life, embracing newness, embracing changes, learning and connecting with others. A sense of movement of progress within, leading, leading my life, leading my work, my learning, my connection with others, and living more fully myself in my capacities with courage, determination, in my life and work.
Questions to Ponder?
· What Self Awareness, can I say I know myself, my strengths, my capacities and qualities that I have. Can I say I believe of myself, my capacities, myself deeply within me?
· If I have hesitation, or have continuous doubts or unsure… how can I progress in this area.
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