Haleconias : Journaling for Growth Sharing

A garden of blooming haleconias.

I was thrilled this morning, appreciating the beauty of blooming of haleconias, 12 in fact. It awakened something in me. I took time to make an analysis of what is awaken in me.

This is my written analysis and a video 



I feel the wonderment of life before me, a blooming life, a growing life, precious to behold. This blooming life is possible when I work on my growth. This process of becoming more of me, a sense of standing upright, a dare, to become more me, to allow this bloom in me, an inner bloom, an inner life within me, deep me… to stand.

I feel like the blooming haleconias, standing upright, yet freedom in becoming with its drooping bright blooms. A sense of inner freedom to growing, rising, standing, a quiet confidence. A self assurance, liberating more my inner gifts and capacity for colour, for brightness in my life and for others to shine as is, just be. Be the person that I am within, as is, like these beautiful blooms without shouting, just being, in its own rhythm and presence.

A connection within me to the growing rhythm, the blossoming rhythm.This way of growing feels natural, easy and gentle, without force from outside, but from within, an inner dynamism coming to life, to bloom and to strengthen my life expression. Learning to just be, in my simplicity, as I am.

I feel deeply calm, inner rootedness and a growing life, in its own rhythm, in its own beauty. I feel the wonder of life outside of me, awakening the life within me, teaching me and guiding me.

A sense of simplicity yet richness within, called to life, awaken to be, to bloom.

I feel an inner openness to grow towards life, an inner braveness to move forward to embrace life as is, rooted within, connected deeply with myself, be my own haleconia, or rose, or whatever, but genuine to me. In my living from my deep self, my bloom emerges, its colours brightens for myself and for others.



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