Growing into Who I Am – S6 Am i Leading My Life or Being Led

Happy Wednesdays everyone,

This week we look at “Am I Leading My Life or Being Led” and we observe the areas of my life that I am leading and perhaps some areas I am being led. How can I learn to lead these areas where I am a passenger and move towards leading my life despite the circumstances.

Note :

The weekly Wednesdays with Annie audio sharing is a general growth reflection. Each persons with their own uniqueness and life experiences, may feel a varying degree of the experiences described. To further clarify and understand our individual varying lived experiences, you are invited to attend our self discovery workshops or 1 to 1 helping sessions that are personalised to your lived experience.

Let me know your thoughts and comments. For further enquiry, visit me at annie@prhMalaysia, drop me an email @ or WhatsApp me at +6012-2079331.

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