Growing into Who I Am – S4 Life Giving Relationships

Hi everyone,

Its good to be back, after a week break at my hometown. This week we look at “Life Giving relationships” and how they are important for our growth process. We learn to recognize life giving relationships that inspires us to grow as persons.

I observe if I know someone or persons with whom I have experienced life giving relationships. If I do not yet have such a relationship, can I seek or nurture this in my relational life.

Note :

The weekly Wednesdays with Annie audio sharing is a general growth reflection. Each persons with their own uniqueness and life experiences, may feel a varying degree of the experiences described. To further clarify and understand our individual varying lived experiences, you are invited to attend our self discovery workshops or 1 to 1 helping sessions that are personalised to your lived experience.

Let me know your thoughts and comments. For further enquiry, visit me at annie@prhMalaysia, drop me an email @ or WhatsApp me at +6012-2079331.

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