A written analysis : sensation from my gardening activities, being in touch with nature

Fruit of gardening : Beautiful haleconia in bloom, 8 in total. I took time to nurture these haleconias in the garden

I share my written analysis of my gardening πŸ™‚ πŸŒΏπŸŒ·πŸ’–


Gardening is calming and relaxing. It helps me stay grounded to my inner reality.
The Act of caring, watering, fertilizing and pruning gives life to the plant.

In me, a sense of movements through these acts of gardening…

A sense of calm, a sense of life that that grows with the rythm of the plants, rooted in reality. What is withered and no longer serving me in my life, I prune and I keep focus on growing what gives me life and connection to others.

I sense this reality of my growing capacity for adaptation, flexibility and openness towards life, this flowing rythm like a stream inside, soft, fluid yet persistence and embracing life as it comes.

Embracing life’s joy, challenges and beauty. A knowing and openess reside deep within like a soothing balm that is alive with every contact and touch.

Being in touch with nature, I feel connected with myself and with nature, a gentleness and resilience in life.


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