Meaningful Moments : A Glass of Yoghurt

Recently I attended PRH Indonesia, Celebration of Life event. It was great event attended by friends of PRH who have attended Who Am I session. We each chose a meaningful moment to work on and we did an analysis of this meaningful moment and had a meaningful sharing together. So life giving!. Thank you PRH Indonesia!


So, today I would like to share my meaningful moment that I did  during this celebration of life event with you. 

When I was with my mum, in the last couple of months of her life, this is her favorite drink, fruity yoghurt

I would make it for her very afternoon for tea.


Follow on, is my analysis of this simple significant moment for me…

The aspect of me that came alive through is my capacity for deep love for her. To give, to share, to love, to care and to nourish. I live this capacity with her in simplicity, yet meaningful to me.

I live the joy of seeing her happy and to share this moment together, as she takes her to sip the yoghurt. In this simple way, I live my deep love for her and cherish our bond together.

Her receiving of my fruity yoghurt drink, awakens in me the bond of mother and daughter, I feel her receiving me as her child, our bond and my place as her daughter.

This bond is alive between us, washing away years distant and difficult relationship, connecting, mending and healing. This string of love that binds us together in strength and love.

A string that could not be broken, tbat continue to live in me, in my identity, in who I am, in my strength, my gentleness.

Today, a past stringed into the present, in who I am today.

What is your meaningful moment ?  Share with us today!