Growing in our daily Decision Making

Last Saturday, a lovely session
with my participants to understand how we come about our decisions in our daily life and how we can learn to make good decision for our growth personally and professionally.

We make decisions every day… in what we choose for ourselves, our clothes, our food, who we speak to, what we say, our choices of words, the way we do our work …etc.. every decision has its consequences… does it help us to be live more of who we are, personally, at work or professionally…
Explore and learn a good way of making decision for our professional life and personal life, using proven methodology from PRH International, France, available in more than 35 countries globally since 1970.

Participants share their experiences in the workshop :

Our next workshops on Decision Making…


Decision Making in My Everyday Life
(6 hrs experiential self discovery workshop)
Workshop 1

*1 & 8 December 2021* 

(9:30am – 12:30pm)
*5 seats left


Workshop 2

11 December 2021

(10:00am – 5:00pm)

Limited to 8 seats


Register by 25 November 2021


For 2021, attending a 6 hours and above workshop entitles you to a free 30mins 1 to 1 coaching.